By night The Devonshire Bar & Lounge truly comes to life. The week nights provide the perfect setting for those seeking a mid week evening out.

The low level lighting accompanied with the rich orange ambient back colour washers projected onto the black and gold colour schemes will truly impress.

The latest chart music, R & B and dance music can be enjoyed throughout the week aimed to give the feel of a Friday or Saturday night for those seeking the weekend feeling. The sound is split into 3 zones and therefore quieter areas can be enjoyed for those looking for a more relaxed environment.

Due to the versatility of The Devonshire Bar & Lounge we are guaranteed to cater for all aspects of what is expected from a mid week night out.

Friday and Saturday nights is when The Devonshire Bar and Lounge really comes to life. From 7pm a smart casual dress code is implemented in an attempt to heighten the experience provided. Funky house music is played to set the scene before the DJ’s commence at 9pm to takeover and provide the latest tunes through to 2 am.

Strobe lighting, scanners and UV lighting provide the perfect club feel and a dance floor is available to those wanting to impress by showing off their dance moves for all to see.

The Devonshire Bar & Lounge is the perfect way to spend an evening mid week or at the weekend. Either way you will be left eager to return and enjoy this unique venue time and time again.